Saturday, 29 March 2008

Great Tutorial!

I love this look, it is wearable but not too boring! Check it out on my fave make-up site, Temptalia :)

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Urban Decay Primer Potion....

... has the worst packaging design I have ever seen LOL. I love the actual product, it is great but after reading on the internet about the curved bottle making it difficult to get all of the product out, I decided to see for myself. It had been feeling a little empty lately, I was struggling to get enough product on the applicator, so as I already thought I may need to buy another, I guess I had nothing to lose really. Boy am I glad I had read about this though! My fiance sawed the bottle in half, from top to bottom and we were shocked at how much product was stuck inside the curved parts of it, this is where the applicator can't usually reach. We scraped the product into a MAC empty container that I bought from their website and the amount that could have just ended up in the bin is shocking! I will add photos soon, just waiting for my camera battery to recharge LOL!!

I would seriously advise anyone who thinks their bottle may be nearly empty to give this a go - you will be amazed!!!!

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Makeup Wish List

There are a few things I am hoping to get soon, so I thought I would jot them down here. Some random guy on YouTube commented about this blog and stated I was a "dumb blonde obsessed with make-up". Well isn't that just wonderful, I mean I am a brunette but what difference does it make what colour my hair is and more importantly what does it have to do with him? I really wonder why some people don't have better things to do then talk rubbish but nevermind....

Wish List:
  • Chanel Foundation Brush £29.00
  • MAC Strobe Cream £19.50
  • MAC Strobe Lip Conditioning Stick (Beam) £10.50
  • A new MAC 239 Brush £17.00 (I can't manage with just one LOL)

That is all for now :)

Friday, 7 March 2008

Review: MAC Prep 'n 'Prime

So I got few things from the Prep 'n' Prime range, but I left out the eye shadow primer as I already use Urban Decay Primer Potion and I love that! I love this product and here is why...

SKIN: It is a nice cream, not too thick and a little goes a long way. It dries clear on your skin and leaves skin feeling like velvet! I couldn't stop touching my skin the first time I used it LOL My face felt velvety soft but also very smooth and this made an excellent base for foundation. I use a Dior liquid foundation and found it went on much better, my skin looked smoother and more even. My skin can be dry and I found this has helped a great deal, its like a final dose of moisture before make-up and has stopped my skin drying out through the day which is great! I sometimes use this product alone just to enhance my skin on those natural/lazy days and give it a smoother glowing look. 9/10

LASH: I have never used any kind of lash primer before as I always assumed my mascara was doing everything I needed. I was quite sceptical if I'm honest, but I have grown to really like this product. Applied before mascara, it makes my lashes look a bit fuller/longer and really does make the mascara apply better, I found I don't really get any clumps and my lashes look neater. I use a Dior mascara and I wont be without the Prep 'n' Prime now!!! 10/10

LIP: I was quite disappointed with this product, I don't really feel it helped at all. I sometimes have quite chapped lips and hoped this would help but it didn't feel or look any different to me and I tried it with a few different lipstick and glosses. It also snapped after a few days and I don't think I did anything too vigorous with it! It smelled lovely but that was about it for me, such a shame because others in this range were brilliant. This seemed to be similar to a cheap lip balm which I already had a few of... 3/10

Fafi is here - yay!!

So Fafi for MAC came out and Ichose a couple of things, just 2 as I am saving for Heatherette! I got the Fun 'n' Sexy lipstick and the Totally It lipglass which look amazing together!! The lipstick is bright pink with a purplely sheen to it and though it didn't have as goos a colour payoff as I hoped, topped with the lipglass it looked great!! I was a bit dissapointed with the other Fafi stuff, quads were a bit dull for my liking but the packaging is very cute!!
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