Sunday, 18 November 2007

Bored and excited at the same time?

So I'm kinda bored right now, its 2am and it's pretty quiet except for the wind rain lashing on my windows. There's some show about The Pussycat Dolls on TV and Steven is asleep in bed. Tonight I spent what felt like a lifetime (about 20 minutes) giving my mum over the phone instructions on how to email me a photograph. You might think this isn't too bad but it literally takes me a minute to walk around to my parents house! My mum isn't exactly a computer genius and I have decided after that call, I am not suited to any kind of phone line assistance job! Plus on the above mentioned picture I had blinked and my eyes were shut. I tried to photoshop some on from another pic but I looked kinda like a Barbie doll stroke robot kinda thing... oh well!

I showed my sister this blog and she seemed to like it, Steven too, but nobody left me any comments yet. I guess it's early days still and so far I probably sound like one of those material girls with Juicy Tracksuits, designer bags and a little dog..... well I don't have a dog!!!! Just a little cat, so that's OK isn't it? I mean I have a Juicy pet carrier for her but... well I don't have any justification for that, I just like to carry her in it!

So I'm bored at the minute but also excited for Christmas. Didn't think you could feel those two things at once!

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