Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Heatherette Stress

I was hoping that Heatherette would reach the UK today, or at least the UK MAC website but sadly not. A few people at Spektra have emailed MAC and been given different dates, which is so annoying. At the minute I think it is due to hit Selfridges on the 10th of April but who knows anymore. I am so worried I wont be able to get to a store that sells it and miss out :( Hopefully I can get it online before it sells out!!!!


Liz said...

What are you going to get?

I don't think I'm getting anything from Heatherette. I'm waiting for the mineralise loose powder foundation to hit the stands here!

Victoria said...

I really like the eye shadow trios and pretty much all the lipsticks but I will have to just pick one or two. I havent tried a mineralised loose foundation yet, but they always seem to give a flawless cover!!

Liz said...

It seems that with mineralise foundation, people either love it or hate it. I'm hoping that the loose powder foundation will work for my dry skin and won't be cakey!

Do share your Heatherette haul!

Victoria said...

I will if it ever gets here LOL

My fiance is in London this weekend, so I gave him some money and a list LOL He is going to the PRO store for me and that will have to keep me going for now :)

Anonymous said...
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Liz said...

Oh wow, fun! At least you have a Pro store in London... there's none in Ireland!! :(

Let me know what he brings back for you!!! :)

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