Sunday, 6 April 2008

MAC Pro Store Haul!!!

So my fiance was in London this weekend with work and I gave him some money and a list of what to get me !! He was sweet enough to run around a few stores for me LOL He even went to suss out what Juicy Couture stuff was on sale at Harrods 'cause he knows i love all that stuff! They had quite a bit, but it is so expensive here, that it still works out cheaper to get it shipped from America, even with the cost of shipping on top!!

  • Mixing Medium
  • 'Fleshpot' Lipstick
  • 'Poste Haste' Eyeshadow
  • 'Da Bling' Eyeshadow
  • 'Pink Freeze' Eyeshadow
  • 'Tilt' Eyeshadow
  • 231 Small Shader Brush (not in pic)
  • 15 Eyeshdaow Palette

I originally wanted 'Fleshpot' from the Heatherette collection, but I was sick of waiting! So after hearing that it is also a PRO lipstick shade, I decided to just get it now. I love it, it looks so natural on me and just beautiful! I also got a new Dior Toner as I was running low and some Bliss facewash, which is super hard to find where I live. So all in all it was a pretty great haul! My fiancee even got me a new Juicy Couture purse in Black from Harvey Nichols, as I have been wanting one to replace my worn out pink one for a while so I was over the moon with that!! While he was there he discovered that Harvey Nichols is the only store in the country that sell regular and PRO MAC items, but they didn't have all PRO items, just some, like the pan refills, but still really good to know!


Liz said...

Nice haul!

I've been thinking about getting that eyeshadow palette, but the problem is, I don't actually have any MAC eyeshadows! I have eyeshadows from various brands and so the pan sizes vary... am thinking of getting an empty pencil case and make it into a palette.

I don't even know if our MAC here sells those palettes... do you mind if I asked how much it cost over there?

Victoria said...

hi it was £10 or £4.50 for a one that holds 4 shadows. Freestanding MAC stores sell them too, if there are any of those near you? You can mail order them from the london pro store too :)

Liz said...

There is no freestanding MAC store here in Dublin (or Ireland) as far as I know... there's a counter in Brown Thomas, which is just a 10-minute walk from me. I've never seen the palettes there, but I'll ask. Thanks!

Katy said...

I cant wait to get a palette but I only have like 2 shadows from MAC :(

Liz said...

Katy, you can get the palette and then covert it to fit pans of any shapes and sizes by removing the black tray of the palette. You can do so by taking a butter knife and wedge it in the lip where it latches (the bit that opens the palette) and give it a twist . The tray will pop up and you'll see 6 clips (two each on the long sides and two each on the other sides). Then all you need to do is unclip them and take off the tray. You are left with a palette case and you can put in any pans you have!

Victoria said...

I didn't know you could do that!

Liz said...

Indeed you can! You can also turn CD cases into eyeshadow or blush palettes, if you don't mind the ghetto look. XD

I'm getting two of the empty MAC palettes so I can depot my eye shadows and blushes and have everything neatly in one or two places.

Victoria said...

Thats a good idea, keeping everything together! I have seen a video on youtube of someone making a CD case palette and it looks super cute :)

Becky@Glam-Beauty said...
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Becky@Glam-Beauty said...

Hey chick its becky from youtube :P who you commented earlier
just come across ur blog! check out mine if you have time
also wots ur specktra username? xx

Victoria said...

hi becky :)

my specktra username is 'justanotherchic'

whats urs - i will look out for you, im always in the Europe chat part lurking LOL

Becky@Glam-Beauty said...

hey huni im glam8babe on there :P

Victoria said...

Oops yeah - shudda realised that LOL!

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