Friday, 22 February 2008

Review: Honey Snap Out Of It Scrub - Benefit

So here is my first product review - yay!! I love makeup and skincare so I thought I could review products on my blog and hopefully help out anyone who wishes to read.... let's begin!
So I decided to buy this as exfoliating is good for your skin, since it takes away all the dead skin cells. I heart most things Benefit so thought this was a good a brand as any to try out. Now this stuff smells delicious but looks a little grainy, now don't worry, those little grains are gonna do all the work for you! The first time I tried this I used it as a face mask, you can do that or use it as a facial scrub, 2 or 3 times a week. I put the product over my face, avoiding my eye area and left it on for 3 minutes. While it was on, it didn't feel to tight like masks sometimes do, it wasn't too sticky either, just felt pretty comfortable. My fiance thought I looked dumb but he is a boy and doesn't understand these things LOL!
After the 3 minutes were up, I massaged the product over my face with a little warm water. As I did this, it felt really nice and I could really feel the little exfoliating bead working! I then used a damp flannel to gently wipe over my face before rinsing completely and this worked really well. I patted my skin dry and left a few minutes before inspecting LOL!
I was really impressed with the results and couldn't believe what a difference it made to my skin! My face felt much, much softer than before and looked clear and radiant! I now use this as a scrub a few times a week and about once a week I use it as a face mask and my skin has really improved. I would recommend this product to anyone who isn't exfoliating their face, as it makes a huge difference and I think the price is reasonable enough, considering how well it works. It retails at £18.50 here in the UK.


Katy said...

have you tried the mint face wash in that range? that is nice too??

Victoria said...

hi, yes I do have some but I am not keen to be honest with you. I find it a little greasy but it does smell lovely LOL

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