Saturday, 23 February 2008

Review: MAC Slimshine Lipstick

I was excited about this range as it promised a smooth yet non-stick finish that was similar to gloss. Now I have heard that you can get through one of these pretty quickly and this may indeed be the case as the lipstick itself is quite thin compare to others, hence Slimshine LOL. I was very happy to learn that Slimshine will be part of MACs permanent collection, so there is no need to worry about buying these in future. I was also impressed with the selection of shades available, there seems to be something for everyone! Paler pinks like Stem Rose are lovely, as well as Voile which is a shimmery gold. I purchased the two I heard good things about; Bare and Rock Out.

Bare is described by MAC as "light neutral pink with subtle gold pearl" while Rock Out is described as "clean bright blue pink with gold pearl". The lipsticks had a very creamy texture and did feel a little similar to gloss when worn, but not as tacky. They do have a wonderful shine to them which surprised me as in the actual containers they looked quite matte. I actually loved both shades I tried, Bare is perfect for a more neutral lip and Rock Out is a brilliant bright pink that adds a bit of fun to any look.

MAC Slimshine Lipsticks retail at £11.50 in the UK


Anonymous said...

Your review is superb - I'm off to buy some right now!

Victoria said...

thanks :) You will love them I am sure!! Let me know which shade you go for!

Anonymous said...

I've just been to the store today and puchased Rock Out :)

Victoria said...

It is a great shade, let me know how you like it!

Anonymous said...

cool blog!!

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