Monday, 28 April 2008

New Haul!!

Here is my latest haul - yay! It consists of:

Chanel Nail Polish Remover
Chanel Eye Cream
Dior HydrAction Moisturiser
MAC Makeup Remover
MAC 'Rollicking' Paintpot

Nothing that exciting, mainly stocking up on essentials :)


Liz said...

Hey Victoria! I replied to your message on my blog, but thought I'd drop a line here as well.

I got my MAC pro palette today... going to take off the grid and depot my own shadows. Have you tried that with yours?

Nice haul you got here. I'm looking for an eye cream too. What do you think of the Chanel one? Or do you have any other recommendations?

Victoria said...

I havent tried that with my mac palette, let me know how it works out!

I have only started using the Chanel eye cream recently, so can't really say yet, they say it takes 6 weeks for effects to show. It is pretty pricey though, £37 for 15ml, which I guess isn't so bad if it actually works!

Victoria said...

hey Liz forgot to say, I cant seem to click 'reply' on your blog - thats why I usually dont lol!!! Must be my pc or something :S

Liz said...

The grid came off rather easily; I didn't have to use a butter knife or anything, just my fingers and a bit of muscle. ;)

I haven't depotted any shadows yet (one came off on its own), but I think it'll work fine.

Do you know if the MAC in the UK have the Back2Mac programme (bring in 6 empty containers/packages and exchange them for a lipstick)?

Oh, and, there's no reply option for readers on my blog; you just have to leave another comment. :) Only I have the power to reply!!!

Victoria said...

hey Liz

Glad it came off easily :)

Yes they do have back2mac :)

I didnt realise but Im a bit dippy sometimes LOL

Liz said...

They do??!! I must find out if the one here does! :)

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