Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Still no Heatherette online for the UK!

So many people have emailed MAC, asking for the online release date and most people were told today. There is still no sign of it on the website though and some other people have been told tomorrow or even thursday! What a shambles!


I ordered both eyeshadow trios and Bonus Beat lipglass too!!!

I already have the fleshpot lippie from the PRO store :)

Hope it arrives soon!


Liz said...

No sign of Heatherette here still... I'm beginning to wonder if we're getting them at all!

Not to worry, I don't actually want anything from that collection. :P

Victoria said...

Awww, we only got it in Selfridges and online. At least you arent missing out though if you don't want anything :) There will be so many more collections coming out to keep us busy!!

Morgan said...

Hey! I just found your page off of a comment you left on Temptalia... just wanted to let you know it's adorable and you're doing a great job! Love it.

Victoria said...

thanks morgan :)

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