Thursday, 10 April 2008

What's in my bag?

Everyone on YouTube seems to have one of these videos - so here is mine!


Liz said...

How cute are you!!

That LV bag really packs in a lot of stuff! :P

(Sorry to hear that you're diabetic... I trust all's under control?)

Victoria said...

Hey thanks LOL

The bag is huge and I love it but it is so heavy :(

Yeah, I have been since I was 3 so I cant remember any different - the best I think :)

What you been up to?

Liz said...

Yeah... I had no major health problems till I hit 20 and my thyroids went wack on me! -_-"

Been up to the same ol', work, work, and more work! No fun at all!

Did you dye your hair black? I seem to remember it being blonde/light brown in your earlier videos...

Victoria said...

Well at the minute it is dark brown, the light wasn't very good on my video and it looks mch darker, but yeah it is a darker brown than it was a while back. Saying that, my other vids on youtube are quite old :) Hope you health is ok, you miss out on so many things when you're ill and it's so dissapointing :(

Becky@Glam-Beauty said...

Hey hunni its glam8babe from youtube (aka becky :P) just found you on temptalias forum and then found ur blog :P i love it :D !!! check out mine sometime

becky xxxx

Victoria said...

hi becky - i actually already left you some comments lol

thanks for urs!

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